Ministry Update

Dear Friends,
God bless and keep each one of you in the Shadow of the Almighty.
I want to give you an update of what is happening with Glorious Light Ministries.  We are active in our local church helping our pastor with what is essentially a church plant in the Historic District of Dublin, GA.
Nancy calls me a long-distance pastor, since much of my time at home is spent praying for and ministering to people online. We laugh about this, but it is true.
We are at a crossroads and appreciate your prayers for us to have God’s wisdom for the next season of ministry. 
I have discovered practically, that it is not wise or safe for me to drive alone: I am still dealing with mobility issues and part of the time my feet and lower legs are numb due to other back issues not addressed in the two surgeries I had last December.
We are standing for my healing and thank you for standing with us….this has been the long haul.
Thank God this has not affected the Anointing nor my ability to minister, just logistics. I am starting to get out to minister again.
We are in the midst of a world that does not slow down for us when I have had to.
I continue to develop the missions aspect of Glorious Light Ministries with our partner, Rajah Prasad. 
We also continue our local housing ministry to help people in need. This has been reduced to one house by necessity (any of you that would like to volunteer to work on that house, feel free to contact me). This house needs to be rewired.
We have immediate, pressing financial needs; we have ongoing financial needs; we have long range visionary needs.
I am asking each of you to prayerfully consider partnering with Glorious Light Ministries with monthly support, the amount between you and God. 
I am also asking some of you to ask God to speak to you concerning our immediate needs.  I know there is enormous warfare over the saints of the Lord Jesus Christ with battles and confusion and many voices.
This is a pressing matter which we have before Him continually. We do not want to be another voice of confusion, but still stand to serve and help the Body of Christ.
As God speaks to you, you can send mail to our ministry address listed below or by Pay Pal on  For some reason there is some difficulty with the blog and this has to be entered in the upper address bar.  Others have no trouble accessing it. The site is But you can also access it through The PayPal link seems to be working, too.
I hope to have this cleared up soon.
Pray for effectual doors of ministry to open to us, and for us to have wisdom concerning the plan of God for the next phase. The most crucial thing right now for all Christians is to have a Plan.
These surgeries were necessary to stabilize my spinal column, and have slowed me down temporarily, but we are pressing forward. I am more than thankful for God making a way.
I pray for peace and strength and stability and resilience for each of you in this season in which the spirit of antichrist is wearing out the saints. 
This is the time to stand.
A new season, many challenges, many looming threats to our nation, more serious than we know. Pray.
Read the Book of Jude and pray….
Many visions to be fulfilled and the saints to bow before our great God, to glorify His Son, Jesus Christ, so they can know what to do in these Times and Seasons,
Vaughn Allen Clark
Glorious Light Ministries
P.O. Box 16217
Dublin, GA 31040